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2016--03-16, Archaeology Team Members Celebrate Award

2016--03-07, Jouett House Designated a Preserve America Steward

2016--02-23, Family Donates Framed Proclamation

2016--01-20, Heritage Committee Welcomes New Members

2016--01-14, Jouett Archaeology Project Begins 3rd Season

2015--11-18, Jouett Projects Win Awards

2015--10-19, Jouett Archaeology Project Celebration

2015--10-05, Jouett Event Showcases Frontier Kentucky

2015--10-04, Jouett Archaeology Project Celebrates 2015 Season

2015--09-13, Jouett Program Features Native American Legacy

2015--08-28, Jouett Event Examines Native American Legacy

2015--08-21, Archaeology Project Registration and Labs

2015--08-03, Jouett Program Examines Artists' Visions of America

2015--07-31, Georgetown Garden Group Visits Jouett House

2015--07-28, Jouett Event Offers Revolutionary Experiences

2015--07-17, Art Program Celebrates Matthew Jouett Day

2015--07-02, Jouett House to Host Revolutionary Kids Day on July 18

2015--06-22, Jouett Program Explores Clothing Botany

2015--06-15, Horse Program Celebrates Jouett Patriot Day

2015--06-15, DAR Awards History Medals

2015--06-06, Jouett Garden Series Explores Clothing Link

2015--05-24, Scouts Report at Archaeology Program

2015--05-22, Jouett Event Examines Early Thoroughbred Industry

2015--05-10, Tree Walk Mentor Honored at Jouett Event

2015--05-01, Jouett House and Woodford Library Explore Bourbon Archaeology

2015--04-27, Jouett Garden Program Examines Poultry Link

2015--04-27, Heritage Committee Receives Conservation Grant

2015--04-25, Jouett House Celebrates Witness Trees

2015--04-20, Boy Scout Logs Service Hours at Jouett House

2015--04-20, Workshop Demonstrates Pruning Techniques

2015--04-10, Jouett Garden Series Explores Poultry Link

2015--04-03, Jack Jouett House 2015 Season

2015--04-02, Jouett Tree Workshop--Newest Date

2015--03-23, Boy Scout Recognized for Eagle Project

2015--02-19, Jouett Tree Workshop--New Date

2015--02-07, Jouett Archaeology Project Inaugurates Second Season

2015--02-01, Jouett Tree Pruning Workshop

2015--01-21, New Members and Officers Welcomed

2015--01-21, Eagle Scout Thanked for Project

2014--12-09, Students Learn About Jouett Archaeology

2014--11-21, Jouett Book Featured at Kentucky Book Fair

2014--11-20, Artifacts Displayed at Archaeology Celebration

2014--11-18, Eagle Project Closets Delivered

2014--11-10, Frontier Day Book Sponsors Visit School

2014--10-24, Jouett Archaeology Project Celebrates by Looking Back and Forward

2014--10-19, Tiger Cub Scouts Visit Jack Jouett House

2014--10-14, Students Explore Frontier Kentucky

2014--09-26, Herbs Harvested from Jouett Garden

2014--09-19, Jouett House Celebrates Native Tree Walk

2014--09-09, Versailles D.A.R. Visits Jouett House

2014--08-29, Jouett House Dedicates Native Tree Walk

2014--08-17, Civil War Event Marks Matthew Harris Jouett Day

2014--08-08, Kitchen Garden Series Concludes with Collards + Cowpeas

2014--08-04, Revolutionary Kids Day at the Jack Jouett House

2014--07-25, Jouett House Celebrates Matthew Jouett Day with Civil War Event

2014--07-18, Jouett Garden Program Examines African-American Contributions

2014--07-11, Jouett House to Host Revolutionary Kids Day on July 26 

2014--06-22, Kitchen Garden Series Continues with Poor Man's Saffron 

2014--06-06, Jouett Kitchen Garden Series Continues

2014--06-01, Perryville Program Launches Jouett Civil War Series 

2014--05-23, Special Tour Reveals Archaeological Clues

2014--05-17, Jouett Patriot Day Commemorates Civil War Battle

2014--05-17, Heritage Committee Celebrates New Book

2014--05-12, Herbalists Enhance Colonial Garden at Jouett House

2014--04-27, Heritage Committee Receives Tree Walk Grant 

2014--04-23, Jouett House Demonstrates Archaeological Sleuthing

2014--04-22, Gala Reception Launches New Jouett Children's Book 

2014--04-14, Kitchen Garden Series Begins with Forgotten Plants 

2014--04-05, Book Club Visits Jouett House 

2014--03-31, Jouett House Begins Garden Series

2014--03-28, Boy Scout Thanked for Service Project

2014--03-17, Jouett Archaeology Project Kickoff Program

2014--03-12: Tiger Cub Scouts Visit Jouett House 

2014--02-18:  Boy Scout Recognized for Service Project

2014--02-14:  Jouett House Launching Archaeology Project